The complete guide for night camping

Many people think that hikes, tent setups, campfires and awkward conversations with strangers in the wild outdoors, near Pawana lake that’s it! This is the concept of camping. But let assure you that it is a lot more than that. We all live our day to day life surrounded by the extensive traffic of a continually busy life. Smog, dust, and city lights cloud our vision of the stars at night. towers and busy highways prevent us from appreciating the beauty of nature. Nature is the perfect relief to calm your overcome minds and relief way for the constant challenges that come in day to day life. Enjoy night camping near Pune or night camping near Mumbai with Escape Way for the great camping experience.

Sleeping outdoors provides the experience of a lifetime! chance to excuse from daily life and all the stresses that come with it. Camping is an ideal way to spend time with your family and friends. camping allows us to escape from the busy life of the city and to live in a fresh surrounding that nature has to offer. Experience the fresh air and healthy exercises at Pawana lake camping. The beauty and scenery of Pawana lake will provide you long term improvement in mental and physical health.

The Joy of Camping

  • Connection with nature-

While night camping near Pune, you have the opportunity to get close to nature and appreciate all the beauty under the open sky. And we love to take your family and friends along with us to gain this lifetime experience at Pawna lake camping point.

  • Disconnect from the outside world-

Camping allows you to say buh-bye to your smartphones and laptops, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. beautiful Nature, tent setups, campfires with your loved ones can definitely make a positive change in your life.

  • New challenges-

Night Camping takes you completely out of your comfort zone, and its challenge for our body as well as mind. New activities that can physically and mentally challenging, help us to maintain the health and stamina of the brain.

Health benefits of camping

Apart from the general benefits discussed above, camping is highly beneficial for your health as well.

  • Fresh air-

The high number of trees and a low amount of pollution provide a high amount of oxygen. After the from your home, you take a deep breath of clean, fresh oxygen and it fills up your lungs; it feels like the purest breath you have ever taken.

  • Meditation-

The world health console report that meditation may improve a series of serious medical conditions by increasing self-awareness and a carrying sense of calm to a person’s behavior. The fresh environment of camping provides a peaceful location to close your eyes and have long meditation.

Basic precautions for camping

There is a lot to know about camping, yes, but camping can be a smooth process if you plan ahead and use your resources well. For camping near Pune, make sure you follow our steps below to make your camping interesting and fun-loving.

Right gear- plan and research what to bring with you, based on your camping location and length of stay out in nature. Forget the luxuries and pack the absolute essentials.

Backpack- based on the length of your trek, you will have a particular need for your backpack. The volume of the bag is measured in liters, and 60 – 80 should be ideal for camping

Sleep well- must have a sleeping bag, sleeping cushion and obviously a tent. Make sure that your tent is weather-resistant, and carry protecting sprays for mosquitos.

Food- unless you are bringing pre-packed meals, be sure you carry some charcoal, fire starters, wood, newspaper, and matches. Do not eat more than your regular diet, try to eat more healthy food instead of oily snacks.

Water- it is not possible to bring drinking water for the whole trip, especially when you are planning a long trek. So just bring water as you can carry and make sure to pack a water filtration system for the whole group or water treatment tablets.

Shoes and boots- shoes are compulsory for outdoor treks and campings.the longer backpacking treks require proper hiking boots or shoes. Make sure to pack a couple of socs pairs for the long trek.

First aid kit- in the first aid box you will need the usual antibiotic cream, gauze, and bandages but you will also need to add in camping-specific materials such as aloe vera and burn creams for burns.