Top 5 Awesome Places To Go Camping Near Pune

Sometimes, taking a break from all the noisy metropolitan hustling and bustling might be all you need to get that spark of creativity, and passion or even business ideas back on track. You might be tempted to keep playing catch up with life and with hectic traffics, work deadlines and the noisy crowd and as a result, ignore your mental health. This is a terrible and sure way to break down.

Do you want a break?

Thinking of places where you can go night camping near Pune or maybe some hangout places in Pune. Well, you are in luck. There are lots of hangout places in Pune, places where you can go camping with your family. Hers is a list of the very best:

Camping Near Pawna Lake:

Picnic Spot Near Pune | Escape Way

If you are looking for a family camping near Pune or maybe somewhere you can enjoy the peaceful quietness of nature, then camping near Pawna lake is a must-do for you. Pawna Lake is a beautiful campsite tailored in such a way that it expresses the beauty of nature all around it. What’s more, a dip inside the Pawna Lake would both rejuvenate and refresh you boosting your vitality.

Camping At Bhandardara:

Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara Lake camping is one of the most amazing and highly favorite camping and picnic spots for lovers of nature. Located near Igatpuri in the Western Ghats of India, it is a hotspot of tourism for its natural beauty and the attractions nearby like the many hills, waterfalls, Wilson dam, and Arthur Lake.

From stargazing at the uninterrupted skyline to a view worthy of a king, Camping near Bhandardara Lake is sure worth the cash.

Camping at Lonavala:

Lonawala Camping

Lonavala boasts one of the best camping sites near Pune as it is famous for tourists.
It is one of the campsites with a mystic air about it, creating an almost hypnotic feeling especially when visited in the rains. Its lush greenery, valleys, and rugged terrains.

This campsite isn’t just for sightseeing alone, it’s also a great place to keep in shape by both cycling, trekking, hiking and quad biking, etc.
A camping experience at Lonavala can be both rejuvenating and exciting.

Camping in Panchgani:

Pachgani Camping

Want some adventure and excitement? Then Panchgani camping it is!

This campsite is surrounded by a vast area of land filled with lush plants and wildlife making the area exceedingly tranquil and beautiful. With nature at its best in the monsoon season, the fullness and blooms of the plant life give off an ethereal feeling.

Camping in Karnala:

Karnala Camping

Feeling nostalgic and would like to remind yourself what being outdoors for fun actually feels like, or maybe you want to recapture that youth vibe. Karnala campsite is a good place to start. One of the best location for family camping at Karnala, this campsite displays an array of beauty, tranquility, and quiet.
Surrounded by a canopy of the palm-tree and coconut trees, with a flowing expanse of nature, Camping at Karnala is an experience you don’t want to m