The Ultimate Guide To Getaways At Pawna Lake Camping With Escape Way

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Planning a weekend getaway near Mumbai usually begins with the desire to get outdoors. Sometimes, it may be with a strong desire to get away from the noise, air pollution, and the busy lifestyle of the city.
The next thing you have to do is pick a date, locate an excellent campground, choose the route to follow, get your gear and groceries, and then be on your way.

Where You Should Go?

There are very many places that you can go; however, if you live in Mumbai, then you should consider camping near Pawna Lake and Escape Way has a list of amazing camping sites that you can choose from. But if you live in the second-largest – and youngest – city of Pune located in the state of Maharashtra, then you might consider picking a picnic spot near Pune.

Why are these places ideal for a weekend getaway?

Read on to find out why Pawna Lake camping or the picnic spot near Pune are the perfect areas for you and your loved ones to wind down every weekend.
Pune is a city in Maharashtra that is surrounded by picturesque hills, scenic views, waterfalls, Ghats, and mountains. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful cities in India and has several excellent choices of places to go for picnics or outdoor activities.
Pune is home to hundreds of thousands of individuals with thousands of companies, offices, and even schools. And so it is an understatement to say that the urban area is nearly always filled with stress as people hustle for their daily bread.
However, you can get away from it all for a weekend and get back to work the following week fully revitalized to take on the new week. And one of the best places to go is Pawna Lake Camping, courtesy of Escape Way.

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is a popular destination and camping spot in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tourists from every part of the country along with the locals – from Mumbai and Pune – enjoy visiting the place to bask in its serene beauty.
But what makes Pawna Lake popular – other than the nearby historic sites – is the overnight camping experience. Adventure enthusiasts love spending the night under the starry, beautiful sky.
Without any doubt, Pawna Lake camping is everything an outdoor or adventure enthusiast dreams or hopes for when they think about any wild and exciting undertaking. It is perhaps one of the ideal getaway spots that anyone who needs a break from city life can visit.
And those who visit also engage in several open-sky activities such as canoeing in the Lake, boating, and paragliding, exploring historical sites, or just enjoying the sunset.

What do You Need to Know about Pawna Lake Camping?

Pawna Lake is practically a camper’s paradise, thanks to its highly acclaimed camping experience. It is nothing short of nature’s artwork, and no one can really explain that incredible feeling every visitor experiences when they visit the camping spot.
That said, Pawna Lake is a flawless man-made lake which is up to 25 km from Lonavala. Over 4,000 people from Pune and Mumbai visit this area every weekend.
There was a time when Pawna Lake wasn’t all that popular, and so it was not fully explored. But the construction of the Pawna Dam across the Pavana River has significantly increased. Knowing this, Escape Way has some of the best spots in Pawna Lake that you can explore.
Moreover, the artificial Lake is close to several vacation destinations such as Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, and Tung Fort. These areas also contribute to the refreshing mood and impeccable postcard scene that makes Pawna Lake a place of attraction all the time.
The grounds around Escape Way camping sites are covered with soft grass, and you can sit or lie on them to enjoy the sunset or the starry sky. The area is also covered with varied vegetation which enhances the beauty of the Lake. This is an experience that many people hardly forget.
Moreover, what makes Pawna Lake camping truly special is that it is never crowded by tourists, despite its popularity. It is a good thing, especially for couples or people who love spending long periods.
Escape Way Lake Camping has several camping packages that you or anyone else should readily take advantage of in Pawna Lake. You can also enjoy a lot of benefits during Pawna Lake camping, though this is based on the particular package you go for.
All packages are affordable, and you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy your weekend getaway near Mumbai.

Camping Etiquettes

In most places used as campgrounds, there is no stiff or rigidly formal standard of privacy. The amount of space between neighbors is also variable.
However, you need to take note of the following pointers when camping near Pawna Lake using the Escape Way booking with other enthusiasts:
First of all, you need to respect quiet campground hours. Noises transfer easily from one part of the campground to the other because there are no walls to suppress them in any way.
This is why it is offensive to carry on late into the night without requesting permission from your neighbors. Of course, there are exceptions to this as some campgrounds provide for this via separation.
But as a rule, it is advisable to keep the noise down, especially after sunset. This is highly crucial if you make use of a generator. You can consult with the Escape Way officials or your neighbors whether or not this is permitted.
Some campsites offer first-come, first-serve services, and so you should always respect the claim of campers who came before you. Campers can reserve their sites, and most of them stake their claims using registration stubs which are clipped to a campsite indicator or use their personal possessions – such as a camp chair, etc. – as markers.

Night Camping at Escape Way Lake Camping

The idea of camping near Pawna Lake with Escape Way is much more than campfires, hikes, and tent setups around the artificial body of water. Yes, it engenders conversations with strangers which usually lead to more fruitful or financially rewarding relationships when you get back to the city.
But there is more to the entire concept of camping than these. Staying outdoors or sleeping under the stars is a luxury that city dwellers don’t enjoy. Nature has its unique way of calming one’s mind and eliminates the stress of city life while both your body and mind rejuvenate.
And the best way to experience these invigorating feelings is by signing up for a weekend getaway near Mumbai or camping near Pawna Lake, courtesy of Escape Way.

Benefits of Night Camping At Escape Way Camping Site

Connect with Nature – There is nothing more energizing than getting close to nature and appreciating the beauty that Mother Nature has blessed us with. Dust, smog, carbon monoxide from exhaust pipes, city lights, and skyscrapers cloud the vision and beauty of the stars at night.
But there is nothing like that when you camp near Pawna Lake. The air around this lovely picnic spot near Pune is clean and free of any form of contaminants.
That is what the human body needs to be invigorated, and by the time you get back to the city, you will be ready to take on whatever challenges the week has in store for you and conquer them easily.

Perfect Way to Spend Time with Your Friends and Family- Most people hold multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, and so they may not have time for social activities during the week.
But you and your friends and family can plan for a weekend getaway near Mumbai where you can spend time with one another. Not only will you escape the busy life in the city, but you will also catch up with happenings in the lives of your friends while enjoying picnics at the picnic spot near Pune.
You will also enjoy the fresh, uncontaminated breeze that blows across the Lake while you soak in nature’s dew overnight.

Meditation – It is not unusual for a holiday-seeking individual to sign up for a weekend getaway near Mumbai at Escape Way in order to spend time meditating. The World Health Organization (WHO) supports the art of meditation as it has been proven to improve severe medical conditions.
The fresh and unadulterated environment is perfect for anyone who wants to have several sessions of extended meditation over the weekend. Breathing clean oxygen – thanks to the abundance of trees and vegetation in the area – helps to calm your inner turmoil while increasing self-awareness.

What You Need for Camping Near Pawna Lake With Escape Way

If you want to enjoy camping near Pawna Lake, it is recommended that you make plans, and Escape Way can help you plan a great trip for the weekend. The following are needful as you plan for Pawna Lake Camping with Escape Way:
Gear – The duration of your stay and your camping location will determine what you can bring with you to the campground. So, perform a bit of research online to find out what campers need when preparing for the outdoors.

These are the examples of what you may need to make your stay memorable and comfortable at Pawna Lake:

  • A sleeping bag
  • A sleeping cushion
  • A foldable spade
  • Raincoats
  • Rain boots
  • Change of clothing, etc.

Backpack – A backpack is essential if you plan to go for hikes when camping outdoors. The volume of backpacks is usually measured in liters so that you will need between 60 and 80 liters.

First Aid Kit – No one plans to get hurt when camping outdoors, but life happens, and accidents may occur. You should, therefore, be fully prepared for such eventualities.
The first aid kit must contain:

  • An antibiotic cream
  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Vitamin C
  • Aloe vera
  • Burn creams,
  • Water treatment tablets, etc.

The last two items are camping-specific items that you must bring along with you.

Food – You can take pre-packed meals along with you to the campground. However, they may not last you the entire weekend. And that is why you should also carry some charcoal, old newspapers, matches, and fire starters.
Since you want to get away from the stress of city life, eating more than your regular diet or consuming oily snacks is a no-no. Instead, eat foods that are healthier and highly nutritious. Escape Way also has great food for visitors and you can go for that option as well.

Water – You may want to go for hikes; therefore, you should bring drinking water along with you. Make sure it will be enough to last you for a long trek. You should also bring a water filtration system along with you if you are camping with friends or family.
But if not, you can rely on the water treatment tablets in your first aid kit.

Boots and Shoes – Proper hiking boots or shoes can make treks super easy and very enjoyable. Remember to bring at least two or three pairs of socks for long treks.

So, if you want a memorable weekend getaway from Mumbai or Night camping near Pawna Lake, Escape Way is here to make it happen for you. Get ready to enjoy the best time of your life by booking your spot at Escape Way today.